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Please note that the min.  amount to stake with us is 100 QTUM. Lower amounts will not receive rewards.

Super Stacker Fee
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Qtum offline stacking tutorial

Connect your wallet to Qtum Super Stacker

1. Open your wallet through the official webwallet application, by opening this link:

2. Click the “Offline Stacking” menu and click on the button

3.  Paste the stacker wallet address into the address field. Change the fee to 6%, then click on “Confirm”

4. Verify that the transaction happened by clicking on the relevant link.

1. Open your desktop core wallet and navigate to the section “Stake > Delegation”

2. Click on button “Add delegation” and configure the following parameters:

Stacker name:

Stacker address: the address of QPCY7iHbcDYVBJZ8sADJi1EkYrdETQXZNt

Fee: 6%

Address: select from your available addresses by using the field dropdown (please note: you must have funds to see the addresses)

Leave other fields as defaults and press the button (unlock your wallet if necessary)

3. If everything goes well, you will see your delegation active, with a green dot indicating that the super stacker node is running.

As of now, the mobile wallet does not offer a direct option to enable offline stacking.

For this reason, proceed with the following instructions and use the web-wallet to proceed with offline stacking.

Once done, you can close the web-wallet, and you won’t need to repeat the operation.

1. Open the mobile wallet and click on the settings icon

2. Click on “Security Center”

3. Click on “Check seed words” and put your password if any

4. You will see the seed words of your mobile wallet. You will need to enter them into the web-wallet.

5. Open the official web-wallet by visiting the address and click on “Restore From Mobile Wallet”

6. Enter the seed words from your mobile wallet and click confirm. Once done, follow the provided  instructions for the Webwallet present in this same section.
PLEASE NOTE: Once you have completed the offline stacking setup, close the browser, and clear cache and cookies of your browser.

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Questions and Answers

You don’t send any fund to the super stacker. All funds remain in your wallet.

Qtum offline stacking is a new feature of the Qtum wallet that let you delegate your stacking activity to an online node, called Qtum Super Stacker, without the need to being connected to the internet.

Qtum offline stacking delegation is a smart contract between you and an online node called Qtum Super Stacker.

The online node stakes your offline funds for you, for a % fee.

You can retreat from the smart contract directly from your wallet at any time.

To stake your Qtum you need to run a Qtum core wallet, connected to the internet.

With offline staking, you save the electricity costs and the maintenance activity of a node.

This is particularly advantageous if you have small quantities of Qtum in your wallet.

The more coin you stake, the more probability you have to get rewarded by the Qtum Blockchain.
That’s why bigger stakes obtain more rewards, more often, respect small stakes.